Our History

Mr. Cho Martin Ngafor, my late father, was a devoted educator who utilized our dining room to teach children whose parents were unable to afford their basic primary education. Following his passing, many of these children were left without access to education due to the financial constraints within their immediate families. In the 21st century, the provision of effective and affordable education remains a formidable challenge in certain hard-to-reach communities in Cameroon. Illiteracy perpetuates a continuous cycle, impacting the human population, while literacy also plays a role in an ongoing cycle of influence.

Educating a child held paramount importance for him. Meanwhile, education is the catalyst for confidence and development, opening doors, expanding opportunities, contributing to economic growth, reducing poverty, and improving health. Recognizing the imperative need for education in hard-to-reach communities in Cameroon, this foundation was established in honor of the late Mr. Cho Ngafor, a dedicated primary and secondary school teacher. He selflessly taught children in his dining room, understanding that their families couldn’t afford to support them in attending school.


My journey started with a commitment to uphold my father’s legacy, leading to the creation of the Cho Ngafor Foundation. During a visit to Cameroon, I encountered children my father had taught at home, unable to attend school due to financial constraints. In response, we partnered with local schools to provide these children with the basic education they lacked. Organizing annual end-of-school-year activities revealed a pressing issue. Two girls, unable to participate due to menstruation, shared their struggles. The lack of support or information on managing menstruation sparked our concern, intensifying our focus on supporting girls and women. Working in impoverished communities brought challenges, but we remained dedicated to empowering and supporting education, ensuring equitable access to Menstrual products and sustainable economic opportunities expeciall for girls and women. 

Thanks to our amazing team of regulars and part-time workers/volunteers who are committed to helping others and dedicated to realizing the organization’s vision to achieve its objectives.

My journey – How it all began

Doreen Bieri – Ngafor

To keep the legacy of my Dad, the Cho Ngafor Foundation was created. owing to my Visit in Cameroon I met so many children my father use to teach at home. no means to go to school. so wee decide to support these children gain the basis of primary education, we signed successful agreement with the school in the vicinities. 

  • Year after year we always organised end of school year activities with he school children. On one of these activity day two girl could not be part because they ever menstruating. the sat in class waiting for everyone to leave then the use the window as an exit door to go home. I enquired where they get any for of help or how do they manage menstruation both this information was lacking. That was a call for concern and thus our urge to support girls and women. Our work in puri and hard to reach communities remains a challenge but not an  impossibility.  We empower, educate and support the people, open them doors to a world of sustainable economic opportunities thus  ensuing that  no one is left behind. 
  • We started supplying disposable pads to the needy. Two years later the number in demand of pads grew from 30 to 320. This became heavy. This gave the birth to our alternativer solution then Dorena Washable pads initiative.Thanks to Our amazing team of regulars and part-time workers/volunteers  committed to helping others and the vision of the organisation to achieve its objectives.