Activities in Cameroon

Menstrual health and hygiene celebration 2020

From May to June,  Menstrual hygiene and health management in different division and districts in Cameroon. Girls in hard to reach communities will be trained to produce clean and affordable Pads to manage their menstruation with dignity. It has not been easy sewing these pads with simple hands and just with the niddles and thread. We are soliciting for sewing machines and material to enable these girls produce more decent pads for themselves and for their immediate communities.

March 2020 Menstrual hygiene Management in Church

Three years ago under the patronage of Rev. M. Simon. the Cho Ngafor Foundation had the possibility to break the taboo and talk about menstruation after Church service. Today with the support of Rev. Festus we are able to talk about menstruation during church services. On different occasions, we were about to sensitise, educate and support of about 3011 on menstruation, hygiene and sanitation. Thanks to the Team.

Feb 2020 Visit to Akonolinga

In order to support more girls/women to manage menstruation in hard to reach community in Cameroon and introduce the Dorena Eco-friendly reusable pads was introduced in Akonolinga, At Akonolinga a Dr. F. Wanda, the head of CIRESproject in Cameroon received the Team of the cnfoundation . After the introductory visit we are looking forward to a more collaborative and working partnership in order to support girls and women in Akonolinga.

Appreciation, she championed the sewing of washabel pads for girls in cameroon in 2020

January 2020. on behalf of the Chongaforfoundation Team we want to thank Z. Beatrice. She championed the course of the Dorena Eco-friendly reusable pad (DEFpads)initiative by producing 300 pads for 300 girls in Cameroon.

June 06 2018 Menstrual Hygiene in Acha

Supporting communities and empowering women to be self independent. Our Soap production in Acha-Tugi was witness by a cross section of Women for different villages around Acha. It’s all went satisfied. -Thanks to the support of Sally Maforchi (Comagend) and Mrs Rosemary Chum leading project co-ordinator the Cho Ngafor Foundation.

May 28 Menstrual Day in Bome

Proving Disposal pads during our MHM campaign last 2017 was a huge task. We had many open question of the affordability of these pad after the campaign. Because of that we decided to learn how to produce cloth pads (Washable and reusable Pads) to support these girls. Two months latter we spent  afternoons besides a sewing machines, cutting, patching up and finally came up with something we could share back with communities. The Team in Cameroon organised a training session where we could use the social Media to communicate. It was a huge success.

2018 MHM in Mbengwi

Around Mbengwi  (Bome,Mbengw, and Acha)  we visited different Villages.  It was another  thrilling year full of surprises and great fun as we spent time around  sharing our experience teaching, and gaining lessons with others on how to manage   menstruation.

2017 Catholic School Mbengwi

Sharing formal and informal learning experience in Mbengwi and Acha-Tugi primary school 2016 Learning with objects can be really useful to children at a tender age. While visiting my children in the Primary School Blindemoss in Schliern- Köniz Switzerland, I discovered how useful object can help kids. This wonderful experience I shared with different schools in Cameroon. Visit our Gallery for more.


The digital world remains a very exciting adventure for everyone especially for student when they can transfer and carry on their work load simply, upload Data and ease the exchange of Informations. Thanks to the wonderful gesture made by the Spitex Region Köniz, Bern- Switzerland. The donations of the Nexus (Pocket PC) to facilitate transfer of data amongst students. 


There is nothing great as talking about your own culture while living in another cultural setting. It was my pleasure spending a day with the confirmation Class in Köniz- Switzerland like we do in Cameroon. Our activities were characterized by a PowerPoint presentation, Cooking, and eating together beside other social activities just like other school children will do during this period in Cameroon. Are you interested to carry on such projects with your groups. We will love to share our experience with you. Take a look to our fun full day……Pictures

Campaign in the Catholic School of Mbengwi in 2014

“Learning without play makes Jack a dull boy”. Lear more about our first ever play and learn campaign in the Catholic School of Mbengwi in 2014. We carried  out some informal learning activities with the whole school of about 234 children. It all began at 08.00 am with our our short visit in all classes, followed by a general Assembly of the whole school and then a sub-division of the chiller into different learning ans playing group.It was a day full of fun. To learn more about our day out with the kids, take a look at our picture gallery.