Welcome Cho Ngafor Foundation

Cnfoundation is committed to nurturing and supporting education in Cameroon, especially in resource-limited communities. Our primary focus is on quality education, ensuring that every girl, woman, and boy can aspire to hope, seize opportunities, and exercise agency.

Our Model

For more than a decade, Cnfoundation has been allocating resources and implementing solutions to support and strengthen education in different regions of Cameroon. The goal is to ensure that more children, especially girls, and women receive the essential education for their growth and contribute to building a more prosperous and sustainable world. Cnfoundation collaborate together with a coalition of partners to assist as many children in need to acquire education, with a special focus on areas and individuals facing the most significant challenges. Our distinctive model has played a pivotal role in advancing learning and equity, resulting in improved outcomes for hundreds of boys and girls.

Our Areas of Intervention

Menstrual Hygiene and the SDGs

Menstrual hygiene is essential to achieving many of the Goals, and we know that menstrual health goes beyond menstrual products. Without proper attention to this issue, women and girls cannot fully participate in society. Our holistic Menstrual Health and Hygiene (MHH) solution is the introduction of Dorena reusable menstrual kits. We also provide our partners with Education Toolkit. To read more on the SDG Goals follow the https://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/sustainable-development-goals/

Charity details

The Cho Ngafor Foundation is a registered organisation both in Cameroon and in Switzerland. with a Tax Tax exemption status. Archives